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Are you involved in CAP or Search & Rescue? Visit our new site at to get sectionals with the conventional CAP Grid overlay.

Perfect for Kneeboards

Formatted for standard letter-size paper, SkySectionals can easily be accessed from your kneeboard.

Print Your Own

SkySectionals are provided in PDF format so you can print as many copies as you like from your color printer.

Follow Your Route

Track your flight by simply turning the page. There's no need to open up and refold your sectional.

What are SkySectionals?

SkySectional Charts give you the same chart information you find on FAA/NACO sectionals, TACs and Low Enroute charts but are provided in much more managable letter-sized “panels”. Imagine being able to track your flight from the comfort of your kneeboard or yoke clip without having to open and refold an unwieldy 5-foot by 2-foot chart constantly.

Improve cockpit efficiency

Simply bring along the SkySectional “panels” that are pertinent to your trip—keep them on your kneeboard in the order necessary for your flight and just flip the page as you go. Need to look-up the CTAF frequency for a position report or find an alternate airport in a hurry? It’s right there in front of you.

Stop flying in "IMC"

How often do you fly into IMCInstruments Masked by Chart? Standard aeronautical charts—the ones that are printed in a format large enough to be used as a windshield sunshade—require unfolding and refolding to follow your route. Not only does all that refolding wear them out quickly, but opening a chart in the cockpit can be worse than flying into IMC…at least you can still see your panel when it’s zero visibility outside! SkySectional charts provide you with the same sectional information in a much more manageable format—making it easier to keep the cockpit organized and efficient while allowing you to keep focused on flying the aircraft.

Go digital without giving up paper

You’ve probably seen sectionals, TACs or enroute charts provided in digital format before, but they’re not very convenient unless you’re interested in hauling a laptop around with you. With SkySectionals we’ve brought the convenience of digital technology together with the simplicity of printed paper. Now you can download up-to-date chart PDFs that are perfectly formatted for printing on letter-sized (8.5 × 11) paper with your own color printer.

Get a Free Sample or Order now